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  • Our Mission

    We are a proven college-completion program for high-potential students with financial need.

    Our Model

    Honed over 25 years, we've worked hard to make college graduation accessible to high potential, low-income students. We believe in their future, as we all can.

    We are more than a scholarship. We are a proven support system. Our track record is clear. Over 90% of our Scholars graduate.

    Financial Assistance

    Our financial assistance enables students to begin their college journey and finish with less debt. We leverage donor funding to ensure that it is not displaced by other aid and actually reduces the cost of attendance.

    Individualized Advising

    Our individualized advising enables students to belong to a proven support system. With each student receiving a full-time, professional advisor, we make sure our Scholars receive focused and comprehensive support.

    Effective Partnerships

    Our effective partnerships enable students to become graduates ready for what's next. Our relationships with high schools, colleges, companies, and organizations give our scholars the best opportunities to succeed.

    Over 25 Years of Impact

    In 1992, Win and Maxine Wallin identified cost as a barrier to college access. In response, they developed a scholarship for promising students with financial need.

    They realized that financial aid alone did not increasing graduation rates so they developed a comprehensive program of support to increase the impact of their philanthropy. What began as a family foundation has become a separate non-profit serving over 1,000 current scholars. There are over 5,000 Wallin alumni.

    Wallin Education Partners is one of the most effective college-completion programs in the country.

    Our Mission

    Enable college and career success for Minnesota students with financial need through scholarships, comprehensive advising support, and collaboration with our educational, business, and philanthropic partners.

    Our Vision

    Create a diverse, ever expanding community of scholars and educated citizens with the skills, leadership, and dedication needed to build a stronger tomorrow.